Electrosex sounds like a new wave band from the Netherlands whose biggest hit doesn’t have more than 5,000 views. And that band might exist, we don’t know, but that’s not what electrosex is in this context. We are talking about electro play, the use of electrostimulation (i.e., small electric shocks) during sex. If that sounds mad to you, then you haven’t seen the videos we’ve seen!

Electro play is a popular sensation play where you use electric sex toys to stimulate one another. As you might have guessed, it’s used mostly in the BDSM community, as there’s an obvious element of domination to it.

But what is it exactly? Is it safe to do it? We’re about to answer these and other questions regarding this fetish that’s more common than one would think. Let’s get to it!

Get electrified

If you’ve never done it, you’ll be forgiven to think it’s similar to getting shocked by your household current. But that’s not the case. During sex, people into electrostimulation do it with devices that have been made for “human use.”

Remember the sensation you had the first time you used a vibrator on your genitals. It was a bit weird, but it felt amazing, didn’t it? Well, the same will happen here — except for the fact that the feeling of electrical energy around your genitals will be a bit different. Namely, the electric current going through your body will stimulate your nerve endings. What’s more, it will make your muscles contract involuntarily, which many people find to have an erotic effect.

Electro play is also common in the BDSM community for obvious reasons. It allows the Dom to assert his or her dominance with it. On the other hand, the sub gets to explore their pain and pleasure boundaries while never leaving the safety zone.

Some reasons why you should try it

Have you ever run a feather across someone’s body? Has anyone ever done it to you? That would be a simple example of sensation play. Basically, we’re playing with each other’s nerve endings. We allow others to play with our skin to create arousal. Think nipples and genitals.

Even if you have never played with a feather, you can imagine how it would feel. Now, imagine a TENS unit or a violet wand sending some electro waves through the same parts of your body. It takes excitement to a whole different level. Your body will tense up (in a positive way), and your orgasm will feel different than ever before.

If you’re into BDSM, it will only add to the role play. But, even if you’re not, you can still play around with electro-stimulation without any domination. The main thing about it is to make sure everything is safe. It is electricity, after all. So, the question is:

Electro play: Safe or not?

The best way to answer this question is this: it’s perfectly safe until it isn’t. You must make sure you’re doing everything carefully. If you’ve never done it before, you should start with someone who is already experienced.

For instance, let’s say you attach one electrode to your genitals. If you pick up another one with your hands while the unit is on, an electric current will pass through your heart. If you use a high voltage, this can cause cardiac arrest and other heart complications. Some cases have ended fatally.

But, if you’re careful enough, you have nothing to worry about. The most you can fear is light skin irritation. Otherwise, it can even be good for you. Medical professionals across the United States use electricity as a therapeutic aid. Don’t forget — a TENS unit is medical equipment.

If you’re not quite sure whether your equipment is safe or not, buy only things that are designed specifically for this purpose. There are plenty of safe sex toys from lovegasm that are custom-made for male and female genitals. These toys don’t have the capability for you to overdo it and get yourself in trouble.

How to get started

As we’ve already mentioned, electro play is entirely safe if you do things the right way. Now, for someone who’s a complete novice, that can be a big if. Should you mess things up, you will book yourself a trip to the hospital.

That’s why it’s paramount you make sure you know what you’re doing. The best way to go about it is to do it with someone who is already experienced. However, it’s not the end of the road if your partner is also inexperienced. There are plenty of guides out there about electro play. You can easily find out how to e-stimulate your body and which parts best react to it. And, if you do irritate your skin, these guides will show you how to treat the affected area.

Remember, you’re playing with electricity here, don’t be too lazy to do the research.

Time to get shocked

As we’ve said, using electric sex toys is your safest bet. We’ve already talked about a TENS unit, but what else is out there?

One of the most popular electro sex toys is a violet wand (or a neon wand). It’s a handheld toy that emits electric impulses, and you can run it across your or your partner’s body. Essentially, it’s a magic wand for electro play.

There are different levels of electricity, so you can switch things up. As a result, it allows you to cause different sensations and keep things interesting. Most violet wands come with different extensions. Similar to the wand, there are also electro counterparts to butt plugs and flashlights as well.

If you’re into BDSM, there are electro chastity cages for the penis. Better yet, you can buy an entire harness with electrodes covering the whole region. Experiment!