Scientists have long proven that not all girls can achieve orgasm from vaginal stimulation only. However, this does not mean that they are frigid. The fact is that women, in addition to the vagina, have another equally sensitive erogenous zone. This, of course, is about the clitoris. Here is some best way to make her cum with the help of erotic sex toys.

Special vibrators for the clitoris

Naturally, this information was not missed by manufacturers of sex toys, who, realizing what girls need, created a device called a clitoral vibrator. This sex toy is a small figure, most often made in the form of an animal, such as a butterfly. Inside the device are compact batteries and a small, but powerful vibration motor. When you turn on this device, its body begins to vibrate, which is the main stimulating factor.

Vibrator for the clitoris with a mustache

Unlike the classic, the vibrator for the clitoris does not occupy the hands of a girl, which allows her to fully relax and surrender to the most pleasant sensations in the world. Most often, clitoral stimulants are attached to the body with elegant straps or special panties, so that a girl can enjoy being in any position and even standing. Especially the clitoral stimulant should appeal to girls who want to regularly receive sexual discharge, but at the same time preserve virginity. Since this toy does not require immersion in the body, it does not carry any danger for the hymen.

Wee Vibe vibrator for sex with a partner Pair vibrator

For ladies who already have a sexual partner, a stimulator for the clitoris will also not be superfluous. You have to agree that it’s great to mix together common intercourse with a man and using such a piquant toy as a vibrator for the clitoris. Also, clitoral stimulants can be part of a vaginal vibrator, as implemented in the legendary device called We Vibe. This device is a G spot stimulator, located on the front wall of the vagina, and the clitoris itself. Moreover, this sex toy, which has become a real hit around the world, allows you to stimulate the G point and the clitoris right during normal sexual intercourse.

There are a huge number of variations on the topic of clitoral stimulants, so it remains only to choose the one that will suit the girl one hundred percent, and begin to receive heavenly pleasure, regardless of whether the sexual partner is nearby.

Not so long ago, vibrators were as simple as possible devices from several electronic components and a phallus-shaped case. However, progress never stood still, and now these toys have turned into quite technological adaptations, the filling of which many household appliances could envy.

However, not only the insides of the vibrators are developed, but also the control unit and, of course, the body itself. For example, at the beginning of their history, vibrators for women were made of ordinary plastic, but nowadays, advanced materials such as cyber skin, TPE, gel, etc. are used. Let’s consider what features the modern vibrator should have.

Ergonomic vibrator

In order to bring its owner the most realistic and at the same time bright sensations, the vibrator should have the most ergonomic shape. And there are two ways.

  • High tech.

Realistic vibrator for women is as close as possible to the male penis. Such toys imitate the penis so accurately that they can even detect such small details as veins, a bridle, etc., swelling from excitement. High-tech vibrators are devices whose appearance is extremely unusual. However, the developers here sacrificed realism in order for the toy to have a form that would allow it to affect the most sensitive parts of the female body. The most prominent representative of high-tech vibrators is the ZINI HUA device, which is more like an exotic flower than a penis.

Safety of use during sex

Modern vibrator, in addition to its effectiveness, must also have a high level of security. Thus, the vibrator, the female version of which we are now considering, should be made of materials that do not cause allergic reactions, micro traumas, etc. That is why manufacturers of sex toys are constantly developing new ultra-realistic and safe materials, such as silicone gel.

Vibrator functionality

Modern vibrator must be functional. Today this quality is expressed in the presence of a large number of various programs that control the intensity of vibration. For example, a toy can tease its owner, bringing it to the threshold of orgasm and suddenly reducing speed, and so several times. Or on the contrary, approaching orgasm, the woman feels more and more intense stimulation.

The vibrator is the most popular sex toy, and there is nothing surprising in this, because it is impossible to imagine a more multifunctional device. This device is suitable for stimulating the vagina, the clitoris, the anus and even the female breast. In addition, not only women can use it, but also men. However, before you go to the sex shop for a purchase, you need to decide what kind of recipient you need.

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