Gary Haru

Gary is pure Japanese. He and his family migrated to the states, one week after he was born. It was a bit difficult for him to connect to his roots until he learned about Japanese porn. From that day, he became obsessed with it. As funny as it sounds, Japanese porn opened up a lot of ways for him to learn the culture. He will always be an avid fan of Japanese porn, and this website is proof.

Kenneth Kunisada

Kenneth joined Gary 2 years after the website’s launch date. They went to the same high school and shared links to their favorite Japanese porn, just like any other high school boys. Kenneth now works as a freelance writer and has been a great contributor to this blog.

Harry Junichiro

Harry joined the team in 2019 and has been a great asset to the team. He takes the best photos that capture what the articles really mean. Harry is half-Japanese and he is lucky enough to be more familiar with his culture and has been traveling to Japan to visit his family and friends.